Care-free commuting? It is a reality with Workstead’s help! Depending on your commuting distance, you will travel by public transport, bicycle or car. We will provide safe and suitable transport. This allows you to start your working day conveniently and efficiently. Well organised, right?

Well organised by Workstead


Workstead thinks it is important to make sure commuting is well organised. This is why we provide the right transportation for our employees. This ensures they can commute from home to work and vice versa with maximum convenience. We will make sure that your maximum commuting time is 45 minutes.


How is that for you? First we make sure you have a great home, as close to your work as possible. Then we select the most suitable transport. Sometimes you can walk to your workplace. Is the distance a bit longer? Then Workstead will make a bicycle available to you for commuting distances up to 5 km. Is your work more than 5 km away? Then we make available a car, shuttle service or public transport card for you – free of charge. You will not pay any costs for the use of the vehicle and the fuel. Workstead organises a smart commute while minimising the commuting time and mileage.



Via Workstead, you can get to work with various client companies in production, food, industry, logistics, cleaning or technical jobs. Explore the job that would be fit you!


We will provide neat housing to make sure you have a pleasant place to live. Workstead has organised that very well. For example, all our houses offer free wifi.

More information?

Are you curious now? Do you want to know more about working in the Netherlands via Workstead? Feel free to call us or send us an email. We are happy to talk to you in person!