Working in the Netherlands

Workstead offers you a suitable job. Based on a transparent application procedure, you will be assigned to a job with good employee benefits. We offer jobs in many sectors, including: production, food, industry, cleaning, logistics and technology. Are you interested? We are always looking for people like you!


Continuity and quality are key to production companies. Do you like working with your hands and are you accurate? And are you a team player? Then production work is an excellent fit for you.

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The food sector applies high quality requirements and strict hygiene regulations. Do you like working with products? Then working in the food sector could be your cup of tea.

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In industrial environments, you work with products in a physically challenging job. Having technical insight is very helpful. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves?

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Do you like contributing to the five-star experience of hotel guests? For this sector, we are looking for hospitality minded, English speaking and very precise employees.

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Millions of parcels are delivered to both companies and homes every day. In this process, you play an important role, for example as an order picker or forklift driver. Are you a good worker?

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Do you have technical insight and do you like thinking in terms of solutions? From installing store interiors to affixing air-conditioning systems – as a technical employee, you will not easily be bored!

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Employee benefits

As a Workstead employee, the employee benefits of the client apply. Your salary is based on the CLA or company employee benefits that apply to your employer. You will enjoy a good salary and the same solid employee benefits as your colleagues.

Workstead has a clear step-by-step plan to help you find a job and a home. In eight steps, our recruiters and job coaches make sure you are ready to get to work. From our first contact to your first day at work.


Working with Workstead means working with one of our client companies. You will often find some co-workers who also work for Workstead. Are you enthusiastic and motivated? Then you can get to work with us! Even if you have no diploma. Check to see which vacancy is suitable for you.


“I found Workstead via internet. I found a job opening of Vierhouten Palletindustrie on their website. When I contacted them, everything was organised really swiftly. I was working here within four days.”

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Thanks to Workstead, HSV is able to cover for production peaks and gradual growth. “We consider Workstead as a partner who always gives us good input. And a very efficient one at that”, says Brouwers.

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Like all fathers, Mariusz wants a good future for his children. He pursues his goal every day, working in a place thousands of miles away from his family. “And the great thing is, it is work I enjoy, it is suited to me.”

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We will provide neat housing to make sure you have a pleasant place to live. Workstead has organised that very well. For example, all our houses offer free wifi.


We are committed to make sure your commute is easy. This is why Workstead will arrange a car or public transport card if your work is more than 5 km away.

More information?

Are you curious now? Do you want to know more about working in the Netherlands via Workstead? Feel free to call us or send us an email. We are happy to talk to you in person!