You are necessary in the production process


Any sector has some production work. From packaging eggs to manufacturing concrete floor components: Workstead appreciates your contribution!


In a safe work environment, you manually support production or use equipment. Your hands are the crucial link in an automated production process. Additionally, you make sure the workplace stays clean and orderly together with your colleagues.


We know that some production work is physically more demanding than others. This is why we carefully review the job content and your abilities. The key ingredients you bring in are perseverance, team spirit and accuracy.


You work efficiently and accurately. This is how you ensure your employer can rely on the quality and continuity of the production process. Then the company where you work can deliver quality products and services.

Come work for Workstead?


Do you want to work in the Netherlands in production? Then please contact us for more information, or just send your application right now. Our employees are happy to tell you about their experiences in production.


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