Home via Workstead

During your stay in the Netherlands, Workstead organises a place to live near your work. We have high standards of home comfort. You will have a nice place to come home to after working all day. This is why we do not mind going the extra mile for you.


Work while you live in a nice home

We want to offer quality in housing. This means that our houses fulfil strict requirements relating to space, privacy, hygiene, fire safety and other facilities.


We are committed to ensuring that our employees have a pleasant place to live. We believe that a nice home also affects your performance at work. This is why we like offering our employees a good place to stay. This means you do not need to look for accommodation yourself and it’s all organised.


Well organised

We offer you a high-quality home where you live in comfort with your Workstead colleagues. We maintain all our housing to a high standard. Does something need replaced? We will resolve it as soon as possible. You pay Workstead a fixed amount for renting your home. Items such as maintenance of the house and wifi are included in the rent. The only thing we require in return, is that you keep the home clean and orderly and that you take due care of the home contents.

A home with a full interior

If you are starting work for one of our clients, we will arrange a home for you near your place of work. That means a short commute! You will share the accommodation with a number of room mates who also work via Workstead. The homes are fully furnished, so you will have a comfy place to stay. This includes beds, mattresses, a washing machine, cooking utensils, a fridge and furniture in the living room. We also provide internet and a television. Please read our step-by-step plan to check what you are expected to bring yourself.



The SNF standard

Workstead observes the national SNF standard for your accommodation. This means there are strict requirements that apply to our accommodation. The standard includes the following minimum standards, for example:

  • You have your own bedroom or you share a bedroom with maximum one other person;
  • Each person has their own bed, mattress, chair and wardrobe;
  • There is at least one shower, toilet and sufficient cooking utilities for every eight persons.

Via Workstead, you can get to work with various client companies in production, food, industry, logistics, cleaning or technical jobs. Explore the job that would be fit you!


We are committed to make sure your commute is easy. This is why Workstead will arrange a car or public transport card if your work is more than 5 km away.

More information?

Are you curious now? Do you want to know more about working in the Netherlands via Workstead? Feel free to call us or send us an email. We are happy to talk to you in person!