Ilona Brouwers – Client company HSV

“With Workstead, we can grow and staff any production peaks”

How do you staff the organisation as a successful business with a quick increase in the order book? For HSV in Ede, well-known for its high-end plastics products, this is no longer an issue, says Ilona Brouwers, the production manager. “Thanks to Workstead, we work with positive people committed to quality and interested in developing and growing with the company. We grow together.”


HSV is doing well both in the Netherlands and abroad. Brouwers, as the production manager of the Technical Moulded Parts, sees that immediately on the production floor. “In a short space of time, we tripled the number of orders. That’s why we needed more staff, among others for assembly of our products. We were mainly looking for people with broad employability, committed to quality.”

Since some years, Brouwers finds staff via Workstead (formerly VDB Dienstverlening). “We like working with Polish employees. They are motivated and like technical jobs. Workstead knows how to find such people. As soon as we need extra staff, we make a phone call and Workstead finds us the people.”


Good accomodation

In the recruitment process, Workstead ensures that the job profile is clear. This allows for proposing the right candidates that match the profile. “However, Workstead also had to match a certain profile before we collaborated with them”, says Brouwers. “We are committed to our employees as a family business. Everyone is valuable to us, irrespective of their job content or level in the organisation. For us, Workstead’s treatment of its employees in a way that fits in with our values was a basic requirements. The accommodation, for example, with all facilities, had to be more than adequate. Polish employees travel thousands of kilometres to perform the work for us. They deserve an excellent work environment and also a great place to live. Workstead organises just that. That is a key reason for us to partner with them.”



Thanks to Workstead, HSV is able to cover for production peaks and gradual growth. “We consider Workstead as a partner who always gives us good input. And a very efficient one at that”, says Brouwers. “Sick leave, applications for leave, we don’t need to organise any of that. Once in two or three months, the Polish employees visit their families for one or two weeks. This requires accurate scheduling. And Workstead organises that very well.



The communication is excellent, concludes Brouwers with satisfaction. “We can always reach someone, even in weekends in emergencies. And although we can communicate in Dutch, English or German with most Polish employees, it is ideal that Workstead always has its own Polish interpreter available. This assures us from clear communication and agreements.”



The power of collaborating with Workstead is the triangle, as Brouwers calls it. “W as the client company, the employee, and Workstead form a triangle. Workstead monitors closely who needs what. They are good to the employee. And they are also committed to our interests as the client company. This makes for a win-win-win situation, so we can grow together.”