David – Employee Vierhouten Palletindustrie

David found exactly what he was looking for with Workstead


For David Malachowski (33) it is difficult to explain what exactly he has with pallets – but he just loves working with pallets. More so, when he was looking for a job in the Netherlands, pallets were a basic requirement to him. Thanks to Workstead, he found a good match in Vierhouten Palletindustrie in Putten.


Meanwhile, via Workstead, David has worked with Vierhouten Pallets for more than one year now. A pallet company, just like is previous employers in Poland and Germany. David speaks both Polish and English, and enjoys himself immensely. This hard worker only goes back to Poland to be with his girlfriend and his child, and sometimes he visits his sister, who lives 150 km away.


Getting started quickly

It took David just a few days to get to work with Vierhouten Palletindustrie. “I found Workstead via internet. I found a job opening of Vierhouten Palletindustrie on their website. When I contacted them, everything was organised really swiftly. I was working here within four days.”


Plenty of work

Naturally, David had some conditions other than the pallets. “Workstead has their system in order, I really looked at that. The accommodation, the days of leave you can take, the administrative system. I never sit at home. I can always go and make money. Because that’s what it is about for David, in addition to enjoying his job. ‘Making money’, he says with a smile.



You need to do something in return, says David. ‘It is heavy work, with the pallets. His biceps and broad shoulders say it all. ‘You can’t be a softy. Sometimes orders change, or you suddenly get a rush order. Then the heavy work must also be completed at a very high pace. There are a hundred types of pallets, so you have to always pay attention too. But that is just what I like.” Workstead found me the right job. I am a happy man.’