Roll up your sleeves…


In industrial work places, you add value to the products you help make. This is often physically heavier work. So don’t be afraid to roll up those sleeves!


Sawing wood, making pallets, manufacturing prefab concrete components, preparing rafters, producing plastics – there is plenty of work. Do you enjoy a physical challenge, both indoors and outdoors? Our client companies in industrial environments need employees who are happy to roll up their sleeves to get the job done.


Some technical insight is required in industrial work, as you are working with your hands and with machines. And of course you are skilled and a real team player. Together with your co-workers, you make and process products into semi-finished or finished products. You make sure you have good results every day.

Come work for Workstead?


Do you want to work in an industrial environment in the Netherlands? Then please contact us for more information, or just send your application right now. Our employees are happy to tell you about their experiences in industrial companies.


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