Working in an innovative sector


The food sector never stands still. It has very strict quality and hygiene requirements. Do you like working inside? Are you precise? Then there are plenty of options for you in this sector!


Accurate, clean and safe are key words in the food sector. We also expect a high work pace without compromising on quality. You generally work in an automated process together with colleagues. Your role is crucial in respect of production continuity.


The products you help make are very diverse, and so are our clients. For example, you may work in a fragrant studio baking bread for bakeries and supermarkets. Or perhaps you neatly pack different meat products. Many engaging jobs are available in the food sector.


Eventually, people in the Netherlands and abroad will enjoy food products produced safely and delivered on time. With your help!

Come work for Workstead?


Do you want to work in the food sector in the Netherlands? Then please contact us for more information, or just send your application right now. Our employees are happy to tell you about their experiences in the food sector.


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