Mariusz – Technical Production Employee

“Thanks to this great job, I can give my children a good future”


Like all fathers, Mariusz wants a good future for his children. He pursues his goal every day, working in a place thousands of miles away from his family. “And the great thing is, it is work I enjoy, it is suited to me.”


With his technical background, Mariusz was not happy when he started working in a Dutch bakery, some years ago. As an experienced windows and doors installation technician, he was unable to use his qualities here. Via Google, he found Workstead (VDB Dienstverlening at the time). He saw a job opening that appealed to him. There was an opening for a technical production employee with HSV in Ede. HSV is a well-known producer of plastic spray-mould products. Mariusz decided to apply.


Suitable work

Mariusz had some criteria that were essential both to him and his family. “I wanted a job that was suited to me. It is such a big step to get to work so far away from your family. And sometimes that’s really difficult. That makes it all the more important to do work that you enjoy. This job seemed to be perfect for me.”


Enough hours

Another key aspect for Mariusz is continuity of work. “I don’t want to sit home every time. SO I looked for a job that gives me plenty of working hours. Workstead offers that as a starting point. I felt that was a very positive thing.”


Well organised

Mariusz was not disappointed in his expectations when he decided on working with Workstead. “Everything was just like Workstead states on the website and what they explained in the phone calls. The job was exactly as expected. The procedure for starting the job was well organised and smooth. I was working in the Netherlands within one day.”



Good accomodation

Mariusz has a lot of praise for the accommodation. “It is great accommodation. I live in a house with other Polish people, close to my work. Just like me, the other residents want a clean, orderly living environment. We have all we need here. A washing machine, TV, good beds, cooking facilities, a shower. The only thing I need to take is cooking utensils.”


Daily communications with the home front

It is not an easy step, working so far from home, says Mariusz. “But I know what I want to do it for. My two children want to attend a vocational training. But that is expensive. I live in the north of Poland. There are not that many jobs. Now that I work with HSV, I can pay the vocational training for my children. With this goal in mind, I can do it, because I really enjoy the work, and it’s a great employer. But it also makes a big difference that I can talk to my wife over Skype every day. Workstead organised excellent wifi, so that this is possible.”



Mariusz is a satisfied man now that he is working via Workstead. “It gives me peace of mind that everything is organised. I always have plenty of working hours, and I receive my salary on time, every time. I enjoy my job. I want to learn to speak Dutch fluently, so that I can better communicate with my Dutch colleagues. Thanks to Workstead, I can further develop and give my children a good future.”