Contributing to a five-star experience


Our clients are mainly four and five star hotels. Most are located in Amsterdam. Based on excellence in cleaning the rooms and your friendly hospitality, you make sure that the hotel guests have a pleasant stay. You often work in very sociable teams. There are plenty of opportunities to develop within these teams. This is how you also work on your own future every day!


These beautiful hotels have high standards of hygiene and hospitality. Due care and accuracy is vital for cleaning hotel rooms. Are you stress resistant? Then you are perfect for one of the cleaning teams.


You frequently meet hotel guests in your work environment. That is why it is important to be representative, friendly and polite. That is why speaking English is required for this job. This contributes to the hospitality and service that our clients are committed to offering their guests.


Come work for Workstead?


Do you want to work as a hotel cleaner in the Netherlands? Then please contact us for more information, or just send your application right now. Our employees are happy to tell you about their experiences in cleaning.


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