Irek – Production Department Employee

“I can do what I really want: develop and achieve qualifications”


“It makes me happy to get the job done. Workstead found a job I enjoy, and I can really roll up my sleeves there. I really enjoy my job.


Season work is not something that the very active Irek would enjoy. He wants to be busy, and seasonal work does not guarantee that. When he finally ended up with Workstead after various jobs in Germany and the Netherlands, he quickly found the job he was looking for. “I wanted a job where I can work hard and continue developing. I am now working with HSV, a company manufacturing plastic products. I focus on the finishing of products. Technical precision work, and I really have to focus. I like that.”



Irek was critical when searching for a job, he says. “It is not just about the job as such. Also the company that is seconding me. What is the accommodation like? Is it neat and complete? Who are my room mates? Are they like me, working hard and developing? Irek also checked out other secondment firms, and quickly saw that Workstead was the best place for him. “The employment conditions are excellent and the procedure is clear. Workstead always does what Workstead promises.”



To Poland

Irek goes home to Poland once in two or three months, to see his wife and two sons. He is very proud of his family. “I see my wife kind of more often than when I worked shifts in the brown coal mine in Poland.” Irek was a charge-hand in Poland. He has the ambition to become a charge-hand in the Netherlands too. “But first I need to learn to speak better Dutch and English.”



This is characteristic for Irek. Going forward and developing is in his DNA. “That is why I advise others to take this step with Workstead. In the Netherlands, you can develop yourself in a well-paid job and get your qualifications.” Irek will go back to Poland for a week soon. “I will see my wife and kids again. That is always a pleasure. And I can finally bring my jogging suit again. That was still in Poland. I use it to go jogging for a round after a good day of work with HSV. Wonderful!”