Refer a friend & get rewarded

Do you have a friend, acquaintance, brother or sister who is looking for work in the Netherlands? At Workstead we have vacancies open in various industries. There is always work out there, which is why we are looking for employees who like to get down to business and would like to work for one of our clients.


Put us in touch with the right person and you and the nominated person will earn 25,- on top of your salary. There is no limit to the total amount you can earn. For example, if you introduce 10 new colleagues, you will receive an additional €250.


  • The new colleague must not have worked for Workstead in the past;
  • The bonus is paid from the moment the new colleague has been employed for 3 months;
  • You and your referred colleague will receive €25;
  • You must be employed by Workstead yourself at the time of payment;
  • The action runs until 31-12-2023.

Do you know the right person for the job? Then get in touch with us!