Workstead uses I travel Business Card

The GVB public transport company recently interviewed our colleagues of the Amsterdam team. They talked about their experiences with the I Travel Business Card. ‘Our people are totally used to travelling by public transport. The I Travel Business Card is cheaper for us, and it also offers flexibility.’


Asia, project coordinator: ‘We were using cars and tour buses to take our employees to work and back in the past. This was expensive. We were confronted with complicated scheduling, increasing costs of fuel and parking, insurance policies, claims and fines. Also, drivers sometimes had to wait for a long time, for example if people unexpectedly had to make overtime. We wanted to change that. So a few months ago, we switched to the I Travel Business Card provided by GVB and Mobiliteitsfabriek. Now our people travel by bus, tram and metro.”


More flexibility and independence

Diana, assistant project coordinator: “The employees are less dependent on a driver. So now it is easier to develop within a hotel. For example some get promoted to supervisor. You have to start before housekeeping or work later. Travelling with public transport gives them more flexibility and independence.”


Positive reactions

Diana: “Many workers had to get used to going to work by public transport. Some had just recently arrived in the Netherlands and had never travelled by tram, bus or metro. But now they are doing well. We have only heard positive things.”


Bron: GVB