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Are you looking for a challenging job? In the Food sector, we are looking for motivated production employees who like getting the job done. If you want to work in the food sector, you can get a job with many different client companies. For example with fruit growers or meat processing companies. There are different jobs in these companies, such as cutting meat, grading apples or packaging products. You can get to work as a production worker if you have experience, or even if you have no experience. We are curious to see which company you want to choose!


We require from you:


  • You have experience in similar jobs, or you are willing to learn;
  • You are in good physical condition;
  • You are motivated to work;
  • You are looking for work for a longer period of time;
  • You have a VOG (Certificate of Good Conduct).


  • A contract based on Dutch employee benefits (CLA or company conditions);
  • An appealing salary;
  • Weekly pay-out;
  • Work for longer periods of time;
  • An online employee profile to view your own details, hours, salary and employee benefits;
  • A home with a full interior that is well within the housing requirements, and free commuting for non-Dutch employees;
  • Healthcare insurance for non-Dutch employees;
  • A job coach who speaks your language (Dutch, English, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian);


We are a secondment agency in the Netherlands with more than 25 years of experience. Every day, over 1200 Workstead employees go to work for different clients in production, food, industry, technology, cleaning and logistics. In addition to jobs, we offer you high-quality accommodation and your commute to and from work is free of charge. We are committed to making sure you feel at home, you have a good workplace, and we build your future together!

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