Let’s build your future together

Workstead is the ultimate secondment agency for European workers aiming to work in the Netherlands – for over 25 years now. Together we will look for a job that is a good fit for you! We offer you a good salary and above-average employee benefits, and good facilities relating to housing and transport.

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In the Netherlands, there are many options to find a job. We help you find a good job with one of our clients. Which sector is a good fit for you?

A great place to live is key for everyone. Including you! That is why we provide neat and qualified housing in a pleasant living environment.

Don’t worry how to get to your work. Workstead has sorted that out for you. We will provide suitable transportation to make sure you arrive at work quickly and safely.

Good in our work and
good to our people

That is Workstead’s secret sauce. Over 1500 motivated employees experience this every day! Together with Workstead, you are building an excellent future. We help you find a great job and a good home. Always with clear conditions. With the right people in the right job, we make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Check out all our vacancies and find yours!

Workstead is always looking for reliable employees who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves. You can almost always get to work within a short time. Full-time or part-time. Are you enthusiastic already? We have a suitable job for you too!


“I found Workstead via internet. I found a job opening of Vierhouten Palletindustrie on their website. When I contacted them, everything was organised really swiftly. I was working here within four days.”

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Thanks to Workstead, HSV is able to cover for production peaks and gradual growth. “We consider Workstead as a partner who always gives us good input. And a very efficient one at that”, says Brouwers.

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Like all fathers, Mariusz wants a good future for his children. He pursues his goal every day, working in a place thousands of miles away from his family. “And the great thing is, it is work I enjoy, it is suited to me.”

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